"I have been taking classes with Jill know for about a year.  She is an amazing instructor.  I started out taking ICD 9, ICD 10, Medical Terminology, HCPCS and CPT.  I learned a lot and did not know there was so much to learn.  I then advanced to her advanced class on ICD 9 and CPT getting ready to take my CPC exam in December of 2014.  I would recommend anyone who is interested in taking coding classes to take them with Jill.  She is very informative and an excellent instructor.  I feel I am prepared to take my exam in December because of her.  It is really nice having the smaller class size  because you get that personal attention.  She worked very hard on getting us an externship and we finished that and really enjoyed it.  You learn so much better in a smaller class that you do in a huge one with a ton of students.  You get more questions answered and the personal attention of the instructor.  I hope if you are looking into a class on coding that you really look into My Coding Mentor, it is an excellent course and very reasonable price wise."  Cindy R.

"Recently I had the pleasure of attending Jill's ICD-10-CM class through her school, My Coding Mentor. The information presented was done in a clear, orderly manner with corresponding written lessons. These lessons included many true to life coding exercises allowing for practical application of the information given. Jill obviously has a talent for teaching and is a strong communicator. She is very patient with answering questions, giving detailed answers. She makes what can be dry information interesting and entertaining using real life stories and situations. I truly believe that Jill is dedicated to seeing her students achieve success." Nancy T.. CPC, CCS

Jill's presentation technique is professional and informative. Her pace was relaxed and we were always invited to ask questions and have discussions regarding the material. I fully enjoyed the opportunity to learn so much valuable information and to have the material from Jill's class to continue learning/reviewing for the transition to ICD-10-CM."  S. H.,CPC


Code Of Ethics

We believe in conducting business in a professional manner, representing honesty, integrity, respect and reliability. We will provide services of the highest quality and accuracy to the benefit of our stakeholders and the patient . . . continue »


My Coding Mentor expects students to arrive on time and prepared for each class. Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated in the classroom. Students who dominate discussions to the detriment of others or disrupt the educational . . . continue »