Coding Advice Consultants

Coding Advice Consultants


Does your coding department need reliable and accurate answers to complex coding cases? Does ICD-10-CM have you confused? Is ICD-10-PCS creating havoc in your facility? Ask your very own Coding Advice Consultant!

Expert coding advice built on many years of experience!

My Coding Mentor can provide answers to your everyday coding questions as well as your difficult charts and those “brain stumpers”. Guidelines and regulations are constantly changing and they can be difficult to interpret and apply. As they say, “Coding isn’t brain surgery, it’s much more difficult!” We are here to help! We can provide high-level coding support designed to fit your needs.

Who are the Coding Advice Consultants?

Our team consists of credentialed, experienced coders who specialize in multiple fields, including inpatient, day surgery, emergency room, endoscopy, and  ambulatory surgery with more specialty areas coming soon. We got you covered for all your coding needs! Our consultants are AHIMA and AAPC approved ICD-10-CM/PCS trainers.

How does it work?

Step 1: Call My Coding Mentor at 720-352-1291 to discuss how we can meet your needs.

Step 2: Review and sign the contract.

Step 3: Provide contact information and set up billing.

Step 4: Once you have contracted with My Coding Mentor, you may submit your questions by email. We work best from original documents. Please remove all protected health information, including the patient’s name, date of birth, account numbers, address, or any other information that would identify the patient. Provide your specific question, the codes that you are considering and your rationales.

Our ICD-10-CM answers will give first priority to the index and tabular sections, then the guidelines, followed by Coding Clinics and CMS guidance and lastly industry advice.

For CPT advice, we will use CPT® Guidelines, CPT® Assistant, and CMS Transmittals and guidance to answer your questions.

Consulting charge -   $30/per ½ hour of consulting time


The answers to your coding questions provided by My Coding Mentor do not constitute official advice. Our advice is only as reliable as the information that is provided to us and may not be accurate if the information provided is incomplete or inaccurate. It is the customer’s responsibility to make the final code selection. My Coding Mentor advice may not be published or distributed outside the customer’s organization.

Consulting time is cumulative and is calculated by adding minutes spent researching and answering questions. The minimum monthly charge is $30.00.

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Code Of Ethics

We believe in conducting business in a professional manner, representing honesty, integrity, respect and reliability. We will provide services of the highest quality and accuracy to the benefit of our stakeholders and the patient . . . continue »


My Coding Mentor expects students to arrive on time and prepared for each class. Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated in the classroom. Students who dominate discussions to the detriment of others or disrupt the educational . . . continue »