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The mission of My Coding Mentor is to provide comprehensive and affordable academic medical coding training programs that help prepare you to succeed in a medical coding career. With our medical coding training program, you will be able to learn the skills necessary to be a coder in a physician office or facility coding department.

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Your Journey To Medical Coding Certification Starts Here

We can help you achieve your career goals one step at a time. Are you ready to begin an amazing career in medical coding and billing by preparing for a medical coding certification? Are you interested in advancing your career? The benefits of receiving medical coding and billing training and certification include:

  • Job security in a growing market
  • Potential for career advancement
  • Competitive salaries and benefits

Medical coding certification provides a pathway to a career with endless possibilities and opportunities! The medical field is always expanding, creating new career opportunities every day, and with medical coding certification, you will be qualified to participate in one of the fastest growing components of the medical industry.

Medical Billing & ICD-10 Training

ICD-10-CM, ICD-10-PCS, and CPT are the coding systems used to report and bill medical conditions and surgical procedures. With ICD-10 certification and training you will have this complex system at your fingertips. ICD-10 training enables you to navigate this coded system to determine how to bill patients and insurance companies. With ICD-10 certification, you will be a viable human resource for the nation’s top medical institutions.

About Jill Kulanko

Jill Kulanko, RHIA, CCS, CPC, Jill KulankoCPC-H, CPC-I, AHIMA & AAPC ICD-10 approved trainer, AHIMA ICD-10 Ambassador, and approved PMCC Instructor, has been coding in the Denver Metro area for 18 years. Her program offers the most comprehensive ICD-10 training program in the area. She started her own contract coding company 12 years ago and has worked as a coder at many of the hospitals in the Denver area. This means that your medical coding training will be coming from one of the top medical coders in the area.

My Coding Mentor offers a way for you to learn the skills necessary to pursue your medical coding and billing career. Once you have completed this medical coding and billing training and certification you will have all the knowledge, experience, and certification necessary to be a medical coding specialist. Medical coding certification can be your pathway to a new fulfilling career.

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My Coding Mentor expects students to arrive on time and prepared for each class. Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated in the classroom. Students who dominate discussions to the detriment of others or disrupt the educational . . . continue »